Friday, July 23, 2010

Simon Archambeau

Simon may have taken a brief hiatus from toronto in the past few months for some unclear possibly laundry detergent related reason, but don't second guess the guy. Simon has always been outspoken and forthright with out filtration, and if anyone doesn't like him its probably because he didn't tell them what they wanted to hear. He has never stopped skating although he did perhaps stop lurking, which is most likely something all of us could probably benefit from doing now and then.
Bs Boardslide
Im not sure if anyone has ever skated this rail, but its about ball height from run up and belly height on the lading, and you have to pop before the wheel chair ramp starts. Fourth try no footage.

Crappy lighting, quick crook, why not?

Sw Fs Heelflip. Gangst.

Simon also did nollie halfcab, but I liked this one a lot more. Yup, Simon's much better than you.