Saturday, August 28, 2010


Gabriel Veniot Fs 5-0

Probably the best thing about coming to skate Toronto from Quebec is the language barrier. Fortunately for the Quebecois their tongues usually swing both ways, unlike us more likely non bilingual french class dropouts. That means when they come here to skate they can get away with almost any type of hyjinx and then just play the language card. Of course if you flip that equation around the product is skaters who actually can't speak the language of the land, if a place where booze and strip clubs are on every corner, and not to mention accessible at the tender age of 18. Hopefully that will be next weeks episode. This week I give you Quebec skaters shredding new terrain in lands foreign to them, UGLY ASS HOE!
Mathieu Thibeault Fs Boardslide

Hugo Balek Fs Smith attempt
The french invasion of the U.S embassy by Hugo and Mat
Mathieu Thibeault Bs 50-50 attempt

Monday, August 16, 2010


There are a million and one reasons why skateboarding will always be the most prominent element of my life, but for two years now the greatest factor determining this truth has been the passing of a unanimously beloved young shredder Sebastian Parez. The passion that this kid had for skateboarding was in my opinion unparalleled by any other local skateboarder I know, and I believe Sabbys progression on the board in the last few months of his life stands as an undeniable testament his true potential. Since Sabbys time on earth was cut short, I know my self and most of his close friends now live with the understanding that life is fleeting and meant to be made the most out of. The following photos are a result of the blood, sweat, and tears dedicated to all the friends and family of the late and great Sebastian Parez. We skate for you everyday.Photobucket
Ryan Hanson Bs 5-0
Ashton Roye Hardflip
Nick "Pep" Pierre
Zack Ferguson backfoot flip
Zack Furguson 360 flip
Pat Dysart Overcrook fakie
Nick Ouzounis Bs 180

Justin Elliot nose manny nollie flip
Zack Ferguson Ollie