Monday, December 5, 2011

Quick Draw McGraw

It's a seasonably warm Sunday in early December and the first session on my winter trip to Montreal- a sunny school yard very reminiscent of southern California, except that it's 5 degrees out. It's about 3 O'clock as our session wraps up, Rasta, Max and I have been skating and filming for hours. The spot is just a plastic picnic table bench, with a bank and some good flat. Just before we depart who casually rolls through for a warm up? Zoo York's only international pro Andrew McGraw. In a period of about 30 minutes Andrew puts our three hour session to shame, just warming up. You could tell in his skating that he's a really humble dude, and considering the condition ( it's fucking freezing out- and his only companion is a homie filming on an iphone) he's definitely got some passion. Here's a few photos I was fortunate enough to poach.

bs tailslide


nollie half cab switch crooks to reg

fs crooked
this trick took me like half an hour, he did it in three tries.