Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rangefinder Scans II

I can't seem to be able keep these cameras in functioning order for longer than a few months. These where shot on a Canonet QL17 with a 40mm 1.7 that i really never should have taken out of the case, I jammed the shutter my last week in montreal at a halloween party. kodak 400tx. Photobucket Justin David front blunt with half of Matt Roberts lurking Photobucket had too Photobucket Worth having to walk back up Photobucket Joe Yates stressing on traffic Photobucket Peanut gallery Photobucket Josh Forges switch ollie Photobucket Harbor Front Joel, Evey, Pat, Fulton, Pep Photobucket Malcolm and McCourt Front and York Photobucket Mornings Photobucket Accidental double exposure. Photobucket This lady went though the whole train switching cars at stops and blessing every single person with a rosary-in spanish. Apparently occasionally religious fanaticism can be somewhat endearing. Photobucket Everett has a wife and a kid, owns and operates a skatepark and still finds time and motivation to skate street. If there's anyone in this world I look up too, it's this dude.