Thursday, May 13, 2010


Jason Rodziewicz proves the park is still skateable after lights out...
What is there to say about the now nationally infamous Dunbat. Not much that isn't already common sense to all the locals who pretty much treat the park like a second home. If you don't already know you probably never will, but the simplicity and perfection of this skatepark is, in my opinion, unrivaled by any other skatepark in the world
Poyner gets the ramp up in three days, rain or shine

It's got a mini, if you can call it a mini, the things almost got vert on it. Its got flat,

if you can call it flat, being used as a hockey rink in the winter time the park is not

only the smoothest, but also the most even (sorry ashbridges speed bump ground) surface. Its got rails, 18 feet long and circular, its got ledges and manny pads, and my favorite obstacle, even a triton

barrier Master skate architect Rob Poyner

Jason again, this time with a rather large fs ollie the day the ramp was up. Directly after this photo we proceeded to guzzle brews, and then skate street with relative success.

Designed and built the park, so the naturally dunbat is also occasionally referred to as Poyner

Park. So bag your cans and roll your phillies, or at least a large water considering the lack of park shade, cause with DYAR Pizza Falafel and Shawarma right around the corner (c'mon, one push from McShits), you can skate all day till lights out at 11. Where? You dun know? DUNBAT fool

Lee Yankou, ollie.

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