Thursday, May 5, 2011

21 Questions with Shawn Whitten

I've known Shawn Whitten for quite a few years now, but this past weekend was the first time I spent an extended period of time with him. Every time I have skated with him He would be pushing to film or shoot something wether at a park or a spot. This dude definitely does well in front of the camera, probably because he loves it. No matter how many stairs or how many bails, once Shawn decides that he's going to do something you can bet your last popper that he's going to roll away, and maybe even do it in a line. I can honestly say that I've never met anyone else who can't take a roop with out tobacco, but I've also never met anyone who would makes their bed even when they sleep in it again. Anyways, Shawn spent two nights in Toronto and basically filmed a whole part, and shot BY FAR the most photos for a 21 questions yet.

Ok Shawn, lets start with the basics. How old are you, how long have you been skating, and where are you currently residing?
- I`m 18 years old with a shit ton of grey hairs, I've been skating for 5 in a half years or so and I'm currently residing in the shitty shwa rock.
Nollie fs boardslide

Haven't you lived like, everywhere is Southern Ontario?
-Aha kinda, my family and I used to moved quite a lot back in the dayz ha.
Theres a few places that Ive lived; Toronto, Hamilton, Cambridge, Oshawa, Mississauga and more but Iwould be going on for days so I'll just stop there.

Who are you skating with on a daily basis?

- On a daily basis I shred with the whole darn shwa crew.
( Zach Noftall, Dillion Moore, Shayne Vernon, etc )

Why does Oshawa suck soo bad?

- Why does oshawa suck so bad you ask? Oshawa just sucks because it has the worst vibe ever no matter where you are in this shit whole. Its just not fun here really unless your gnarly and love to get BUCK WILD LOOSE then I wouldnt suggest living here... I'm trying to get out of here my self haha.

What's up with the amount of amazing skateboarding coming from that shit whole?

- Honestly I'm not sure, maybe because everyone's "to raww for shwa". Basically meaning they don't give a fuck.
We are trying to skate our way outta the shitty shwa.

Fs crooked

Tell me about the little incident at your dads place..

-Oh my little party I threw hahaha... Well my dad, his girlfriend and my two brothers went up to Peterborough for a weekend and I decided to throw a little jam ... well that little jam got way outa hand real fast.
I only planed on having a few peeps over but then mad people showed up. Long story short I woke up in my backyard with a few people passed out around me, then cops showed up and hopped my fence somehow leading my dad tried to try and press charges and for having a jam and "supposedly" breaking over $5000 of shit .. doubts
Switch backside 180

I could and probably will skate a ledge all day long, Do you make an effort to skate all different terrain?

- Fuck ya! I'm down for any spot, take me anywhere and I'll pull something out my ass.

Who is your favorite person that rides a skateboard?

- Definitely Kenny Hoyle

Switch ollie

What would you do if Kenny Hoyle told you that you suck and should just stop?

- If he was to tell me that I sucked I'd tell him wake up and smell the fuckin flowers.

Are you trying to make skateboarding your career?

- No, I`m not I just skate for the fun of it and the feeling of getting worked for a trick and then getting that perfect catch or slide and riding away bolts. " best feeling ever" .
But if I was to end up with a career out of this it would just be a BONUS!


Nollie bs 180

Any ideas if it doesn't work out?

-if its doesn't work out then i`m just gonna live life like every other civilian out there.

Tell me about the book on the little voice in your head.

- Really you can't explain you just gotta go out and read it .
"the voice of knowledge"
It's about that the voice inside of your head that is saying you "can't" do it , is just a voice and to ignore it , you can do anything you put your mind to.
"just picture it and do it "

Was that hardflip fun?

- Oh yea that hardflip was a fun one for sure. Ive always seen that spot before in videos and photos and always wanted to go there. Then I finally get to go there and whens I got there I ollied it a bunch of times then started trying switch backside 180 and kept getting robbed on the weird ground, it's like make of pebbles. After a few attempts and robberies I figured out I kept landing in this little hold in the ground so I grabbed a few pebbles from a garden of rocks and Nicky ended up having electrical tape to tape them down with. I ended up leaving with two tricks I was hella hyped off of the sesh.
Later that night we ended up trekking down to dunbat where the wordzine Saturdays party was at, it was a fucking gnarly time man! Shredding around till late, playing a whole bunch of different skaters in skate and just having fun, great night for sure.

What the fuck is your opinion on the whole bin laden thing? (no photo of him dead, threw his body into the sea, 911 was a plot ect)

- Hahaha this is the dumbest shit ever, is he really dead? Theres no proof or anything .. maybe I could go scuba diving into the sea to find him!

Were you backing anyone in the election?

- I was backing on the green party for sure,
greens for days

If you had to skate one spot the rest of your life, what would it be?

- Hmm thats a hard one but I would have to say commerce court , I don`t know why but I really like that spot for some reason.
Nollie lipslide

Why can't you just put greens in your bowls like a normal person? Is the batch an Oshawa thing?

- I'll fucking die, I cough my ass off! And no not even, I've been to a lot of cities and shit kids were merking mad batch tokes! it is kinda grimy

Name one big pro you think you could beat in a game of skate.


Name one pro you would like to beat the shit out of.

- Jereme Rogers

How the hell are you living on your own at 18?

- Its a long story, but I`ve been on my own for a while now actually and I don`t even know how I`ve done it. I've had a few jobs hear and there but mostly I definitely have a really good girlfriend that helps me out a lot

Im pretty sure you're not a completely ungrateful bastard-This is the part you thank people.

- Fuck yeah! I would like to say thanks to you for making this possible, letting me crash at your base for the weekend on such short notice and those wheels homie!!, Kai for supplying the motivation, gas, and patients for me to land my tricks haha, Nippy (Boston pizza) manager for allowing me to throw down that ollie, KUSH, my mom for supporting, highrollin skateboards, purebred street wear, Temple skateboard , Parker, My girlfriend Mena for supporting me when in need and allowing me to go out for a weekend to cop some hams, West49 ,Toronto spots, and MY SKATEBOARD! THANK YOU ALL

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