Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kevin Shealy 21 Questions


lets start with the basics. How old are you, where are your from, and how long have you been skateboarding.
-I'm 18 and I'm from Lake Worth Florida..... Been skating for about 10 years.

What brought you up to Toronto last month?
-I came to toronto to visit my good friend Joe Yates.

So you jumped onto the sky dome rail pretty much right off the plane. Had you seen that spot before or did you just roll up to it?
-Haha yeah Joe told me about it and and we didn't meet up with you yet so we decided to see it. I thought it was pretty much perfect so I skated it and some kook little kid filmed it on his phone and showed all of Toronto in like 2 hours. But its all goo,d I'll be back.

I remember you had something planned for it and wanted to go back, but it sorta seems like word got out really fast and everyone bugged you about skating it, do you think that sorta physched you out? there's only a hand full of people that have done tricks on that thing.
-Nah that didn't physch me out. I Just really worn out when we went back the last day of the trip. And you throwing 4 dollar deegos at us wasn't much help haha.

Do you agree that skateboarding works best when its spontaneous and random instead those dudes who premeditate on tricks for weeks
-I'm not sure. For me At least I like knowing what I wanna do. But sometimes it works out differently for the better.

Fs Smith

Would you consider your self a handrail skater?
-I try to skate as many different things as possible but I can see where your coming from because that's all I asked you to take me to haha.

How long ago did you loose you sponsors and how?
- I lost circa about a year ago. And foundation and the others was when I was younger and the shop I was on went out of business. But circa I lost all contact with because they switched reps or some shit. But its cool for right now my friend over here owns a company (Citified Skateboard) and he helps me out.

Seems like there's a lot of hype online about David Stoessel's video "Spread the Good" and your part in it. What was it like filming for that video?
-it was easy filming for it. It took years because the amount of people in it and David had a lot of set backs. But it worked out well and happy to be apart of that.

Now you're filming a part for Tj Gaskill's "Daylando the Video" correct? When is that coming out?
-Yep my boy teaj!!! I think were planning on a little bit after summers over. Should be awesome. Everyone in it is seriously amazing. They're all so under rated.

Fs Feeble

Would you agree the process is coming along pretty well? Considering that Tj had enough extra footage from you're trip up here to make an extra Canada video.
-Haha yep and the crazy amount of array shit he filmed.

How does Florida differ from Toronto just in terms of skating?
-Actually they're pretty similar. The ground is more rough here I think though. And its hotter than hell right now. Toronto's weather was so perfect though.

What about everything else? Drugs? Crazies? Girls?
-There are tons of crazies here. Florida is like where people come to die haha. But not as many people just passed out in the middle of the city. The girls are pretty hot here cause of the beach but Toronto has they're hunnies.

Worst bail story?
- Don't wanna talk about it. Ha

Who do you usually skate with in Florida?
-I usually skate with my honors Brian, Derek, Flech (Citified Skateboards), Dylan, Tyler. I don't know pretty much anyone who gets out of bed and actually meets up. Tj is 2 hours away so we try and skate a lot but not as much as I wish we could.


I think I'm running out of questions, do you want to reverse this? anything you wanna ask me?
-Yeah can you mail me cheap Nugs? And a one way ticket back to Toronto?

How come you didn't go to the bar once while you were up here? Weren't you staying with Joe Yates? How is that possible?
-Hahahaha I don't know man. We wanted to but you guys skate around like maniacs so tj and I were tired as Fuck after everyday. But Joe definitely loves his alcohol.

How did you like skating that ledge over dirt? I don't think anyone has ever blunt slide it before. Thats a thorny rosebush behind you and its not easy to carve in on that stone paved bike path...
-Haha I didn't even notice that rose bush. But thank Emma for bringing us there. It was really tight.

Fs Blunt

What about the rail at Bickford that shoots you off the third step into a gigantic pot hole? I think people actually skate it with wood on the ground.
-Haha come to Florida. Check out our ground. But I agree it is pretty shitty. My hands agree too.

Who's coming up fast in florida right now?
-Derek Mclean, Blake Carpenter, Wyatt Woodward, Jack Bartelucci (butchered his name), little Matt Finely, Jonathan Ettman, and Troy Betances I love watching all of them skate. They're drinking that funky milk you were talking about haha.

Had you seen much of morgan smith before he won the battle at the berrics this week?
Yeah I saw him a few times he was killing flat ground a dunbat. Dude is mesmerizing to watch

-Nicky young! Tj Gaskill, David Stoessel, Tyler Ross, Dylan Shelton, Brian Slattery, Jamal Gibbs, David Newton, JOE YATES. Anyone and everyone. Love you guyzzz.

Tailslide 360 flip


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