Saturday, February 25, 2012

Built To Grind

One of the best things about skating street in a city like Toronto is having such a great diversity of skate mediums available to us. A metal ledge in the streets is always a great find- but the most of the time you're trying to skate old chunky ledges blown out by years of smith grinds and bike pegs, or any obscure material with an edge- occasionally with dire consequences to the surface. Everyone gets bored of skating parks with nothing but metal ledges, but often granite ledges at parks get destroyed due to bike pegs and contractors cheaping out on poor quality granite. Although thats not to say all granite is bad- of course there are many granite ledge spots like mustard and sunlife that have stood the test of time and even bikers. This is where the genius of Everett MacLean kicks in, Evey did his research and sourced the Skate Loft's new granite ledge from a granite that is known to skate properly- the same ledges that were skated for years at BMO plaza. The new ledge has been in for quite a few weeks and though it has rounded slightly as any ledge should, no big chunks are missing.

Obviously anything as awesome as this deserves a proper christening- so come out March 3rd for a three hour skate jam with prizes by indy, DC, and HAMMER skate shop!



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