Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Seemingly my whole life has been a lead up to this skatepark. Ever since i've known skateboarding (ever since ive know fun) the idea of a legit place to skate in the beaches has been a like a holy grail. Downtown missions, day trips to cummer, sauga, and markam skateparks, or a ghetto old rail and box set up on the block were usually the only things you could count on to skate all day, short of going to greenwood and getting robbed and roman candled by some pint size slim shady in a night gown.

PhotobucketTyjae Farrugia-Armstrong is practically a park local he's at the park so often, even though this nollie back bigs on the huge wall/bank came all the way from Pickering, Ont. Just a testament to the legendary status Ashbridges has gained since its creation, much less than a year ago.

Joel is a real local, watch out for this guy hanging out at the park. He needs no warm up for playing skate dice or games of skate, so don't even think about it. Ive been left penniless a few to many times. Front Smith.

East York Skatepark came as a glimmer of hope after the years consistent failure to follow through on the cities pledge to build more skateparks in toronto. I couldn't possibly count the number of skate comps events and demos in hockey arenas or rec center skateparks that fund raised for the hope of a permanent place simply skateboard.

Shawn Whitten brings this nollie flip all the way from Oshawa, but much like the set wasn't quite finished.

Frontside boardslide by a homie from brantford, let me know if anyone knows this guy's name.

Bobby De Keyzer of Whitby drops off a quick first try backside flip
on the double as if it were part of his morning routine, before heading off to Arizona and then California for more backside flips, backside flips of perhaps epic proportions if the ease at which he copped this is any indicator.Photobuckethere we have yet another younger skateboarder, Kevin Tio, putting the older dudes to shame as a result of the rigorous training that goes down here on a daily basis in normal sessions. But you cant blame him for his advanced skills at a young age, five years ago you just didn't have a park with a perfect set of every size. Bigflip.

The STSA (Southeast Toronto Skate Association), Hammer skate shop, along with SBC skate mag and the goons of East York skate team all played a large part in organizing the massive funding for the Ashbridges Skate Complex, including countless other people, even I remember running around the school yard getting petition signatures in elementary school.

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