Monday, April 12, 2010

Fog Banks

Kai drove us to fog banks, what a good sesh!
PhotobucketDANG! Nolan demonstrates his never ending progression on transition in park or street with this front 5-0 to switch back crook. And this ain't no skanky stall, count those frames of switch crook, yup five frames of grinding.

He then proceeded to boost this frontside ollie over my fisheye and back into the bank, only after flinging a few bunts at my camera and flashes.

Mr. Kai Hoecke of frg films then found time to put down his camera and put up this back tail stall, fancy styles.

Tanner Grisbrook then backed the back tail by rollin up and smokin a blunt stall on the beastly bank, which may be a little steeper than it appears on a screen.

Nate finishes up the session with a throw back to the old school days with this hyper speed boneless 5-0 stall, can't no flash freeze this guys fast feet.

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