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21 Questions with Noah Tynes

So Noah, what’s up these days? Just been skating and doing my thing man working for Parks and Rec and working at St Albans Boys and Girls Club, when I'm not doing that I'm watching NBA basketball, still Reside in Downtown Toronto.

How old are you and how long have you been skating? 25 years old been skating for 11 years.


You're video series "Ghetto Fabulous" is going onto its 5th installment. It has been described by some as a Toronto skateboarding franchise, tell me a little about the history and future of the Toronto Classic Humble beginnings man not that it's much different now. It all started way back around 2003 when it was just me, Russian, my younger brother Aaron and a few other cats. Russian had a small digi cam we just skated everyday all day and broke out the cam if something sick was going down. I had a lot of clips and I got that boardslide down the North York 14 or whatever and just wanted to make a lil vid this was before YouTube and all that stuff. I don't know why I called it Ghetto Fabulous I guess it was a popular phrase at the time. Since then a lot of people have been in the mix.

D Mac had the first cameo with that nollie down yonge and egg double, Windsor Tom, Cephas, Crook, Russian, and Ian St Aubin have had cameos, as for filmers Phil Song, Nicky Young, Stephen Mciassac, Mike Crook, Russian, Phil St Aubin, and Tom Morrison have put in some minutes. In the future I think it will keep getting better and better we’ll see how this Mixtape thing works out. I’ve got a lot of good stuff from a lot of good skaters.

Have you ever considered having one of your sponsors support the video? or is G-Fab more of a home made, private operation? No not really, they're hyped either way.

Are you filming for anything After G-fab 5? Yeah as soon as G FAB 5 drops they're flying me out to New York for the up-coming FUBU video.

what are you not feeling about the current state of skateboarding? I don't know man things just aren't the same anymore with so much web content and streaming videos it’s just too much sometimes. It used be like you get a 411 or a mag every so often and see what's up and get stoked. Now everything’s just crammed down our throats. With all these parks popping up in the burbs a lot of kooks are getting into skating trying to be the next Jonny feeble grind. Skateboarding becoming more and more mainstream is a double edged sword , yeah it’s pretty lame for skaters like us who’ve been around when the popular crowd considered skateboarding whack, BUT at the same time dudes can pay bills off of skating and doing what they love.

Bs Flip

How do you feel about some skaters who only skate to film, and worry more about making it than having fun? I noticed a lot of kids these days want to film every trick they do. Even if it’s not a good trick. Put down the cam and just skate kids! Nobody wants to see your crappy 50-50s. It’s cool to film something you’re hyped on every now and then but know where to draw the line. As for this whole “making it” thing just chill and enjoy skateboarding, your first few years of skateboarding can be the best years of your life why mess it up with stressing over pointless things like “being better than all your friends” or “getting footy” just sit back relax and enjoy the ride, progression will come naturally when it’s not forced.

What are you stoked on about skateboarding today? Nothing beats the feeling of learning a new trick. When it comes to Pros and all that stuff I don't know... I don't really follow it much outside of Canada. I just saw the Expedition teaser vid I was really stoked on it. I like what Sk8mafia's got going on Lil B is one of my fav skaters. Stay Gold obviously. When it comes to local stuff I can't wait till Social Withdraw drops. Quick’s' video will be next level as well. SUPPORT CANADIAN SKATEBOARDING!

In your opinion, who is the most underrated GTA skater and why? Damn that's a tough one but forget about the GTA let's go south near the bottom of Ontario where a man named JAMIE JEFFERY resides. Let me tell you this man is a BEAST he's pro he's he's not of this world, sw crooks 20 stair handrails while cruising to the store to buy milk. But a lot of dudes don’t know. Jamie J runs shit grown ass man stee. I'll still whoop his ass in a game of S.K.A.T.E though hahahaha.

What keeps you motivated to skate in our harsh winters? I'm still a skate rat I godda skate, no motivation needed.

You have always been a large part of Toronto's indoor skateboarding community, do you think Toronto will ever have a free permanent indoor, or even sheltered place to skate? I do somewhere down the line. It's tough man, there’s so much red tape and bullshit when it comes to skateboarding and the City. It will happen sooner or later though.

Pop Shove

What is your back up plan for a daily place to skate now that shred central is closed? That's a funny one, no comment.

What are you feeling about Toronto this year Dunbat?

What are you not feeling about Toronto this year. Capped Mustard ledges, Raptors tanking, snow.

Where you happy with your KingShit interview? I know that Chris Nieratko dude can get under some peoples skin. Personally I thought it was hilarious. I was a bit worried at first because there was way more looseness. I was a few king cans deep and trying to watch the NBA finals with Cephas in my ear laughing at all my answers. It worked out pretty good though the thing is I grew up reading Big Brother so I already knew it was gonna be loose . He's a funny dude I'd love to do another interview with him. Sometimes he goes too far though.

All time favorite movie? New Jack City I know the entire movie word for word.

Any big plans for 2011? Does the possibly impending doom of 2012 change anything for you? 2011 is going be a big year… there’s the Converse Team road trip coming up in spring and as soon as it gets somewhat decent outside I’m gonna start working on a 5 pager with Comber, basically just take it to the next, learn some new tricks, and have a lot of fun. What's with all this 2012 stuff?. I don't think anything is going to happen but if the World comes to an end it is what it is.

top 3 tunes you have stuck in your head? Baha Men, Who Let the Dogs Out.


Sw Fs 180, Comber photo

I recall you traveling to South Korea, what was it like trying to skate over there? And how was the way of life different from that of Canada's? Man it's like going to another planet were everything is made of marble. Skateboarding is a lot different there, we were in Seoul for a month and I recall being kicked out of like 4 spots the entire time. I think the biggest difference is the population, there's roughly 34 million people in Canada right? the Metropolis of Seoul alone has 24 million people. Take this is in also .... Our province(Ontario) is twice the size of North and South Korea combined think about the density it's insane, on a saturday night it takes about 5 minutes just to get out of the subway stations I've never seen so much people packed into one area but you get used to it.
People there are generally a lot more respectful except on the subways hahaha. I can't wait to go back someday the only thing I wasn't really stoked on were the American army dudes everywhere those guys are fucking WHACK
What are your thoughts about the events of the G20 summit in Toronto?
I don't know much about the G 20 summit but I do know this, I couldn't skate downtown for like a week and it sucked and the cops seemed more stoked on it than anybody else they got a chance to bust out all their little toys and beat the shit out of everybody. I don't know shits whack I just wanna skate DT.

Shout outs to sponsors/ people who have helped you out. Big shout outs to Adrift Skateshop and Converse. YOU and Comber making it happen behind the lens for this interview. Shout outs and thanks to everyone everywhere for everything peace.


Fakie nosegrind, Comber photo

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