Saturday, February 26, 2011

21 Questions with Zack Ferguson

If you are a skateboarder in Toronto, and you don't live at under a rock, you have probably heard of Zack. If you have ever been to a skatepark in the east end then you definitely know him. He's that kid skating the biggest and most unconventional obstacles, doing the most unconventional tricks, and landing them with an uncanny consistency and style of someone years in advance. Have you even seen anyone forward flip a set of stairs? Or not miss a single trick in a two minute contest run of pure hammers? How about do so within a year of breaking their femur? How on earth is this kid unsponsored? He's creative, he cleans up at competitions, and seems to recover better than ever. If he wasn't a good homie of mine I might suspect him of being an alien cyborg, sent from a hostile planet bent on enslaving earth starting with skateboarders. If you don't believe me just wait for his video part in Andrew Roberts new video "Get Some" on the 26th of this month.


bs Disaster- Zack rides for HAMMER skate shop

How old are you, and how long have you been skating?

Im 15 and I've been skating for I've been skating for 8 years.

How did you start?

My neighbor had a board and he skated outside my house all the time and he gave me an old board so i started rolling around.

If you had to choose between skating street or skating tranny for the rest of your life, which would it be?

I'd skate tranny because its easier on your legs and shit so you can skate way longer.

Do you enjoy skating competitions and filming or are you a less goal orientated dude just looking for a fun session?

I like filming and contests but im usually down for whatever.

You don't have any corporate sponsors, what's up with that? are you picky or just not trying?

Im loafting hard.



Tell me about the femur incident?

Last november I was skating downtown with some people and we went to hilton rail that shitty small 7 rail on the roof, we weren't even really skating it so right when we were about to leave I was like fuck it ill just do a boardslide and when I popped my wheels were in a crack and I jumped over the rail and landed on one leg and it didn't bend. it was loose.

It seems as though the you spent recovering fermented your desire to skate to a point that you came back harder than before, would you agree?

I guess so because I couldn't skate for so long.

Favorite skateboarder of all time and why?

My favorite skater of all time is probably Dennis Busenitz because he gets buck skating street and tranny.

Favorite spot?

Scarborough junkyard.

If you had the chance to be on one of these reality TV shows about skateboarding, would you take it?

Ye id probably be down.

Wu Tang Clan or NWA?




Loose trucks or tight?


You get to bang one of Charlie's angles, the asian, red head, or blond?

all of the above.

You have to fight one dude on team EY, who is it?

Pep hahah.

A year and a half ago we lost a dear friend of ours, Sebastien Parez. What effect, if any, did this have on your skateboarding?

It effects the way i skate every time I step on my board, he helped me progress so much in skateboarding. So now I try to progress for him, I skate for sabby. R.I.P buddy.

Thanks, shout outs, and sponsors?

Thanks to my Mom and Dad, Dave Buchanan at HAMMER, Brett Keon, Beth Margolis, Everett Maclean,Nick Pierre,Nick Fulton,Sebastien Perez R.I.P, Ashton Roye, Derek Day, Pat Dysart,Ryan Hanson,Andrew"butters" Roberts, Ryan Edwards, Jesse Bras, Yash Presswalla,Tosh Towata-Roy,Ben Paterson, Jon cos, Nolan Waller, Nick Ouzonis,Nicky Young, Will Bartlett,Emma Feir,Jason Shoemaker, Carl from x-village,Joel Scullard, Andrew Davidson, Justin Elliot,Everybody from EY, Everybody from vanderhoof. Sorry if I forgot anybody but if i forgot you thanks.

How do you think your new video part is going to compare to your last?

I don't know But I think this ones going to be better than the last one.


Ollie to flat

What was the last trick you filmed for it and when?

3 flip unitel in the summer.

Do you feel you met your own expectations?

ye I met my expectations.

Was there a conscious effort to film a part, or was it a more relaxed process of just skating what ever you felt like?

Kinda both, I wanted to film a part so I filmed every time I skated but it was usually chill filming.

Who's part are you looking forward to most?

Justin Elliot.


Tre flip


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