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Every day I seem to find a new reason why I love skateboarding. The freedom, the excitement, the people you meet, the places you see, the self fulfillment and progression, I could go on all day but I have another point to make. My most recent reason for point of admiration is the way skateboarders can, with any amount of dedication, become equals to those which they look up too. It is in effect, the embodiment of social mobility. You can't buy your way in, you can't pose as one of the regulars, and if you try you will stick out like a sore thumb. The only way to be accepted is though hard work and determination, any other method of doing so automatically labels one a kook. In this sense, skateboarding is a real proletariat sport. Our stars are truly with in arms reach, and are not too high to give props to their fans. In the process for filming for his newest video entitled "Get Some" film maker Andrew Roberts found the exact same thing. Last year's video effort "Reasonable Doubt" proved such a success that this year a few new names were added to the lineup. Local legend Nick Fulton took notice of Andrews success and, in addition to filming a part for team EY's spain video, chalked up enough footage for a full part of speculatively high quality. Obviously this came as somewhat of a surprise to Andrew who had originally only intended upon filming Nick a few tricks. This was much the way I felt with this year I found myself shooting photos and filming with guys like Noah T and Morgan Smith. Thats just the way skateboarding works. One day you're watching these dudes destroy your local park, scared to ask them what trick they're trying, and the next they're relying on you for footage or photos. Good luck Teeing off with tiger woods in your first few years on the golf coarse, Its just not going to happen. This is why golf fucking sucks, just the same as any conventional sport with a score, rules, tournaments, and bored spectators. So lets embrace something that doesn't suck, skateboarding, and a fine video produced by a young local featuring some of the best skateboarders in Toronto. Premiering this Saterday (26th) at the Skate Loft, the evening promises to be one of bangers, good music, and as always, inebriated debauchery.

I got some words in with the films creator Andrew Roberts.

How long have you been filming for?

I started filming it February 2010 but there is a couple tricks from november 2009, so just over a year.

Who has parts?

A pretty long list

Aidan Byrant, Nick Fulton, Patrick Dysart, Nick Ouzounis, Ashton Roye, Kyle Hayward, Justin Elliot, Kyle Perry, Nick Pierre, Zack Ferguson and Me (Andrew Roberts)Photobucket

Aidan Bryant-Switch Flip

Did anyone surprise you with the footage they came through with?

Yeah everyone did but for sure Nick Ouzounis he only started filming in August, he got 80% of his tricks in 3 weeks and his part is one of my favourites for sure. Also of course Zack gets crazy good footage without even trying.

Best and worst parts about filming?

The best part of filming is probably being able to look threw clips and each clip reminds you of what you did that day and you remember cool stuff that happened. Worst part about filming is probably not being able to watch the skating like this may sound weird but looking threw a viewfinder its totally different that standing back and just watching trick go down.


Pat Dysart Back 180 sw fs crook

Favorite session?

Favorite filming mission, me and aidan filmed a lot of late night session with my camera light, so this night we met up at ryerson pond at 8 got a first try line at the pond just messing around, then we got to the step up ledge around the corner and he gets back tail and back tail fakie, so we then take the subway up to davisville to skate the double set right across the street, he's trying frontside flips, he lands one primo next try he breaks his board. I gave him my board to try with he cracks my board pretty bad in a couple tries and he was done. Then i got him to try it one more time before we pack up and he got it. Emma shot a pretty sick photo thats on the dvd cover. We ended the night by going to this up rail spot down from the double set where he got another line for his part. After all that it was like 2 am, emma was shooting photos the whole night. Pretty fun day.

Favorite part?

My favourite part hands down is Nick Fulton's, when i started skating i watch the EY skate videos all the time, and now a few years later i'm filming a video and he has a full part. It came together pretty nicely and he has a good variety of spots and tricks.


Pat Dysart photo?

Is anyone still getting tricks in?

No the videos been done for a while now, it probably could have came out in december put i was waiting for a good premiere date, the last trick i filmed was probably late October and theres not really any other filmers so i didn't have to wait for tricks to be sent.

My plans for this year is filming a full HD video and im planing a few trips out of toronto and the country so it should be good.

I asked Zack a few questions too

What was the last trick you filmed for it and when?

3 flip unitel in the summer.

Do you feel you met your own expectations?

ye I met my expectations.

Was there a conscious effort to film a part, or was it a more relaxed process of just skating what ever you felt like?

Kinda both, I wanted to film a part so I filmed every time I skated but it was usually chill filming.

Who's part are you looking forward to most?

Justin Elliot.

How do you think your new video part is going to compare to your last?

I don't know But I think this ones going to be better than the last one.


Tre flip

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