Saturday, November 12, 2011

First published photo

The 2012 SBC photo annual hits the shelves this week and in the Photo Feature I got my first photo run. I found it really fitting that my first photo was of Will Baigent (otherwise known as Gothika), who I grew up skating with and is probably the skate homie I've known the longest that still skates. Even though Will is older than me I think I can remember when he skated skating. A few years later I recall what was probably about my first skate mission to Cummer skatepark. I was about 12 years old and pretty much as soon as I got into the subway I somehow lost my board on the tracks. Of course I was too scared to go down and get it but the Goth felt his young inner gutter instinct kick in and he hopped down on the tracks in a second to retrieve it for a likley tearing little kid.

The Spot is also one that I've been skating for years and SBC is the mag that I grew up on, so I couldn't be more stoked. Huge thanks to Andrew Norton for hooking it up!
Will Baigent- Fs Smith

Footage is in this montage Tomas Morrison made at around 5:13

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