Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tangent Skate

This fall a good friend that I've grown up skating with launched his a small clothing brand called Tangent. That friend is Pat Dysart- a 19 year old Ryerson student and Skate Loft local. It comforts me somewhat to know that there are still, and will likely always be small under ground movements, resistant to the overpowering weight of corporate rule in the skateboarding industry. It's all too easy to grow up around skateboarding, feel inspired by it, and and settle for a job at a west 49 or zumies or maybe if you're lucky a legit local shop or distributor. Real passion is shown in those who throw the status quo to the wind and take a chance. For Pat Dysart that chance is Tangent Skate. Like any legitimate skateboarding brand Tangent has a growing team which consists of Nick Fulton, Aidan Bryant, and owner Pat Dysart

Pat Dysart- kick flip fakie
Pat Dysart- fs 5-0
Aidan Bryant- switch flip
Nick Fulton-bs tailslide
Andrew Roberts Photo

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