Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Reasons to HATE Rob Ford

-He's Opposed funding to build bike lanes
-He Axed "Transit City" and light rail transit after 137 million had already been spent
-During his election campaign he promised "no service cuts, guaranteed” which then changed to “no major service cuts,” and then “no service cuts in 2011,” Sadly now the line is that “these are not service cuts but efficiencies.”
-Rob supports penalizing small businesses regarding graffiti
-Not only has Mayor Rob Ford’s handpicked Toronto Library Board cut 100 librarians and other staff, they also propose to close 38 neighbourhood branches, increase children’s overdue book fines by 150%, allow corporate sponsors and shut down the North York Central Library which circulates more than one million items every year. (It's got so bad that last time I skated a library spot, I was apparently kicked out because "this building is under threat by Rob Ford" according to the boot that came if the form of a nice librarian.)
-When confronted with a television comedy skit at his home our mayor actually called the police, and in the 10 minutes that it took for the police to arrive two more calls were made, one in which rob allegedly said "You … bitches! Don't you f--king know? I'm Rob f--king Ford, the mayor of this city!"
-Although the tapes were never released the chief of police did release a statement calming that rob did not call 911 operators bitches in spite of the several anonymous reports believed to come from inside the toronto police service that claim otherwise.
-The release from the Police Chief came a week after a 50 percent reduction in the budget cuts that were planned to axe jobs in the police force.

CBC has the full story here, peep

Hey now Rob, I knows it's probably a physical impossibility for you to have ever ridden a bike in your life but maybe, just maybe, sometimes bikers get hurt because there is a LACK of bike lanes. People are going to bike wether you like it or not, you really might as well make it safe for them.


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